Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions from couples.  If there’s anything you have a question about and you don’t see it here, GET IN CONTACT WITH ME, and ask away!

What gear do you use?

I use Nikon mirrorless cameras, specifically the Nikon Z6II and Z5. 

Nikon Z6II and Z5

With so much attention around cameras these days the real focus should be on the lenses.   The lens is the component that has the stronger effect on the image.

I am very picky about the lenses I use.  I like lenses that are sharp where they need to be and render the best bokeh.  Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image.  Some lenses have a special artistic quality and just produce dreamy images.

After a lot of testing and buying and selling lenses I have settled on what I feel is a dream team of camera lenses.    I use a combination of both prime and zoom lenses.

My Dream Team

What do you wear?

I typically wear dress slacks and a dress shirt with no tie and choose colors that blend in.  I like to look professional but like clothes that are not restrictive since I do a lot of kneeling and climbing.  I can also put on flip flops and a linen shirt for a beach wedding!   I wear a camera belt that holds two cameras and accessories. 

Do you have liability insurance?


 How many images do we receive?

Every wedding is unique so the number delivered varies.  Typically you can expect 50-100 images per hour of coverage.  The size of the wedding and venue also has an effect on the number.  There is no cap on the number of images but quality takes precedence over quantity!

How much editing/retouching do you do?

Basic retouching will be added to all the images.  Basic retouching includes global adjustments (white balance, color correction, exposure, contrast, clarity, etc.) and basic skin and beauty retouching (if a blemish pops up the day of your wedding).

Do you deliver Black and White or Color?

I primarily deliver in color. Some images are delivered in black and white if that aesthetic suits the image best.

How do you deliver your photos?

I deliver all of the edited, high-resolution images in a password-protected online gallery where you will be able to download the pictures and share with family and friends.

How soon do we receive our images?

It is so hard to wait!  I will send a sneak peek of 10-15 images in 48-72 hours.  The rest will come in 6-8 weeks after your wedding.

Do you offer prints or wedding albums?

Yes, I have printing and album options available through my online gallery.  I offer this for your convenience but you are free to print them wherever you like!

Linen Albums
Leather Albums
Framed and Matted Prints

What is your style?

It used to be incredibly easy to fit photographers into “stylistic” boxes but these days it’s much more difficult.  The incredible advances in technology have helped create much more diverse bodies of work.

My style is 90% photojournalistic with splashes of other genres like traditional, fine art, dark and moody, black and white, and landscape.  I like the way the photojournalism style captures the raw emotions of the day and feel it is the most authentic true-to-life representation of your wedding.  Most couples do want some posed portrait shots and traditional family shots.

The wedding venue and weather conditions may drive the other 10% in the genre department.  For a highly scenic wedding destination I will accentuate the landscape.  A couple stealing a kiss in a doorway may produce a dramatic image with shadows or harsh lines which will appear dark and moody.  A garden setting on a bright day may have a bright and airy fine art feel.  For a themed wedding an editorial style that is more heavily posed might produce the best images.

I love that every wedding is unique and has its own vibe.

How do we book and what is your payment plan?

I require a 25% retainer fee and contract to reserve the event date with the balance due 2 weeks before the event.  For events requiring overnight travel, I require all travel fees are paid at signing time to guarantee the quoted price.  I can work with you on a custom payment plan to fit your needs and accept many forms of payment.

What do we do next?

Head over to my wedding inquiry form.  After you fill out and submit, I will be in touch so we can chat about your vision for your special day!

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