Wedding Day Essentials

by Alan Trammel: Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill Wedding Photographer

With so much talk about cameras and lenses I should take a moment to mention all the other important gear that allows me to shoot a wedding all day in comfort.

Pants: Dockers Relaxed Fit Comfort Stretch Pleated Cuff Khaki Pants

These pants are super comfortable with plenty of room to squat down while shooting. I really like the comfort fit waist band that offers up to 2 inches of stretch expansion.

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger Flex Collar with Cooling Fabric Athletic Fit Non-Iron Performance Stretch Dress Shirt

The performance stretch does a great job of moving with my body and the flex collar stretches up to a half inch for expandable comfort. The cooling fabric really makes a huge difference on hot days.

Belt: Anson Belt and Buckle

“Making the belt hole obsolete one belt at a time” is their mantra. Their micro adjustment system really does allow for the perfect fit. It is so easy to adjust, often needed after a heavy meal. If you have never seen these belts you should definitely check them out.

Shoes: Clarks Chantry Wing

Super-lightweight, these shoes feature a leather upper with an Extralight® EVA midsole. Classic brogue detail and crafted stitching finish the uncluttered upper. A grooved outsole delivers an enhanced grip.  These shoes make it easy to be on my feet all day, essentially dress tennis shoes.

Spider Camera Holster Spiderpro Dual Mirrorless Camera System v2

Spider Camera Holster Spiderpro Dual Mirrorless Camera System v2

This system was a complete game changer for me.  The Spider Camera Holster Spiderpro Dual Mirrorless Camera System v2 gives you the ability to wear two cameras on your hip and rapidly switch rigs.  The SpiderPro Camera Holster features a two-position, self-locking design for both security and quick access in any shooting situation. The holster automatically locks when paired with Spider camera plates. To unlock the holster, lift the lock lever upwards and remove your camera. For even faster access, you can disengage the lock and the holster’s unique design will keep the camera secure and easily accessible for a quick draw.

Before the Spiderpro I tried the Holdfast Money Maker but found several problems with that system.  The leather harness pulled my shoulders down and my back definitely didn’t appreciate it at the end of the day.  The cameras hung from straps and swung freely often bumping into things.  This also allowed cameras to contact the ground when kneeling down.  Lastly, with the cameras attached by a metal rings to the leather straps I could not raise the cameras freely overhead for shots.

The Spiderpro eliminated all those issues by transferring the weight of the cameras comfortably over my hips and allowing total freedom with the cameras when disengaged from the mount.  If I can find any negative with the Spiderpro system it would be that it makes my hips wide.  I definitely have to be cognitive of the width going through small doorways and being around tables.

I pair the Spiderpro system with these accessories.

Thinktank Stuff It V3.0

Think Tank Pouches

This organizer belt pouch is great for carrying extra batteries, memory cards, and lens cleaner.  There is even enough room to get in 2 MagMod MagGels, 2 MagMod MagGrids and a Godox XProN TTL Wirless Flash Trigger.  While this pouch is a different brand it attaches easily and allows the pouch to be moved by sliding. 

Lens Changer 35 V2.0

Think Tank Pouches

The Lens Changer 35 V2.0 from Think Tank is a midsized, mid-weight padded nylon bag designed to hold a lens such as a 24-70mm f/2.8 with hood in position or 100mm f/2.8 macro with hood in position.  I actually use this pouch to hold a Godox V860IIN speedlight with MagSphere attached. This pouch also works on the Spiderpro system.

Lens Changer 25 V3.0

Think Tank Pouches

Made of nylon and polyester, the pouch features a water-repellent coating on the outside for increased durability, and comes with a rain cover in its bottom pocket that can be easily deployed in inclement conditions. Its mouth opens wide for quick access and closes via a simple drawstring. I use this pouch to hold my Tokina opera 50mm f/1.4 FF Lens or my Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G Lens. Again, while not the same brand it attaches and works wonderfully on the Spiderpro system.

Spiderpro Hand Strap V2

SpiderPro Hand Strap v2

While I love the lighter weight of mirrorless cameras there is less real estate to get your hand around.  The strap’s curved S-shape makes the camera feel almost as though it was an extension of your arm while also giving you access to the battery door and memory card slots. 

HiRui Wrist Compression Strap and Wrist Brace Sport Wrist Support

Found on Amazon Here

Using my f-mount lenses with the FTZ adapter really front loads the camera.  With extended shooting times I started to get some soreness in my wrist and forearm.  This flexible cuff provides relief with gentle compression from dual pressure.

Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7M Shoulder Bag (Pinestone)

Think Tank Shoulder Bags

This minimalist bag is perfect for carrying around my 105mm macro, 70-200mm, 32” Rogue reflector, Vijim led light, and extra Godox V860IIN speedlight.  I typically have this bag around for detail shots, the ceremony, and family photos.

These items sure do make the day easier!

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