Review: Lume Cube 2.0 Professional 22-Piece LED Lighting Kit for Camera Video & Photography

by Alan Trammel

This light kit is well packaged with a ton of features.  The Pro Lighting Kit includes a carry case packing two lights with modification frames, a dozen filters, two grids, and a full set of barn doors, snoot and diffusion bulb for each light.  All the accessories conveniently attach magnetically.  I really appreciated the convenient carrying case with handle and how snug all the components fit inside the custom-cut foam.

The Lume Cube lights are incredibly well built, in fact they are so robust that they feel almost feel indestructible.  They fit in the palm of your hand and are easy to slip into your camera bag.  Did I mention that these lights are waterproof?

These lights pack some punch and are very bright for their size.  The light output has excellent color rendition daylight balanced at 5600k.   There is also a built-in 1/4″ 20 tripod mount on the bottom of the Cube.

Lume Cube mounted to MagMod MagShoe with 1/4 mount adapter for tripod screw to flash hot shoe.
Nikon D750 + Tokina 50mm f/1.4 Opera @ ISO 400, 1/50, f/4.5.

Firing up the Lume Cube is easy, just press and hold the power button on the top. The Lume Cube will turn on to its default brightness.  To adjust the brightness, use the + or – buttons on the top of the cube. The brightness will increase or decrease in 10% increments.

The Lume-X app can be downloaded for free and allows you to control the units via blue tooth.  This feature did not get much use for my table top diorama purposes as it was just easier to reach over and manually adjust the brightness.  This feature would definitely come in handy at longer distances.

The Cube’s battery life is impressive, especially if you are not using it at full power.  At 50% and under I was getting around 3-4 hours of use.  Charging does take a while and you need at least a couple of hours for a full charge. 

Lume Cube with barn door accessory.
Nikon D750 + Tokina 50mm f/1.4 Opera @ ISO 800, 1/10, f/16.

Bottom line:  Tiny, powerful and versatile.  With 10 power levels, filters, diffusers and light modifiers, you have plenty to inspire your toy photography creativity. 

Lume Cube with red colored gel.
Nikon D750 + Tokina 50mm f/1.4 Opera @ ISO 200, 1/2 sec, f/16.
Lume Cube wih barn door and Lume Cube with red colored gel.
Nikon D750 + Tokina 50mm f/1.4 Opera @ ISO 800, 1/15, f/16.

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