Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review by Alan Trammel


For me, this camera is pretty close to absolute perfection.  There are just a few nuances which, even after owning the camera for a while, still irritate me.

Picking this camera up I was immediately taken back (in a positive way) by how small and lightweight it was for a full frame camera, especially compared to my Nikon D610.  The Nikon D750 is very easy to handhold even all day.  The camera’s smaller size does come at a price, a much smaller top control panel.

The top control panel no longer displays information for flash, white balance, autofocus points and file type.   You have to use the rear monitor to see this information.  While this may seem trivial, every other Nikon digital camera I have owned had this information on the top LCD and I am accustomed to it.  This is the source of my irritation.

Autofocus is fast and spot on, nailing focus every time even in low light, an unbelievable improvement from the Nikon D610.  Image quality is similar to that of my Nikon D610 with great dynamic range.   The D750 has visibly better performance starting from ISO 800, where it shows less noise in comparison.

The larger display inside the viewfinder is a huge step up from the D610 and I also like the blue color of the display data inside compared to the green of the D610.  An added tilt screen on the rear LCD monitor might be of use of some users.  I just never use it and I worry it might break or malfunction.

Overall, the Nikon D750 is a solid performer with excellent lowlight capabilities and superb image quality.  If it had the same top control panel as all my other Nikons it would be perfect for me but you can’t have everything in life. 

Life is about compromise.  I certainly don’t want to be the person that complains when given a gold watch so I have learned to live with the nuances of this camera.

NOTE: It’s September 2020 and I am still using this camera. I am simply not ready to give it up yet and that speaks volumes.


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