Review: Nikon SB-700

Nikon Speedlight SB-700 by Alan Trammel


After experiencing flash frustration several years ago with a failed attempt at flash photography, I finally found my flash game with the delightful Nikon SB-700.  I am a real sucker for anything that comes in a “kit” the flash is packaged in a compact soft case that reminds me of a mini lunch box.

Open the lunch box and packed away neatly inside you will find the SB-700, As-22 speed light stand, diffusion dome and 2 filters (incandescent and fluorescent).  

Finding your way to basic operation is a snap with slider switches, big buttons that are clearly labeled and a large easy to read LCD panel.    After two minutes of exploration by hand I was up and running and didn’t even have to consult the user’s manual.

As Nikon’s mid-range flash, power may come up short for some, but for me it’s just perfect for my quick on-the-go shooting style.    Pretty amazing what you can do with a couple of these and some radio triggers for off-camera flash.

If you are just making your first attempt at flash photography the SB-700 is a great place to start!

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