Review: Nikon SB-600

Nikon Speedlight SB-600 by Alan Trammel

EPIC FAIL -This flash was discontinued by Nikon, thank goodness!

Trying to find your way around flash photography as a beginner is intimidating enough.  Add in something that is hard to use and you can really fall flat on your face.  That was me and the SB-600.  I hated this flash! 

“It offers uncomplicated operation made simpler by an easy-to-view LCD with only six buttons, each of which is backlit and simple to understand” was a review I read prior to purchasing this flash.  I found the flash to be the complete opposite.

 For my simplistic style this flash was overly complicated and had too many buttons.  Simple functions seemed to be buried in hard to access menus, like setting up as a remote flash, and some functions required holding down two buttons. 

After complete frustration this flash got thrown on the shelf.  I went back to considering myself a natural light photographer and as all seasoned photographers know that means you have no idea how to use a flash.

It would be years later before I mustered up the courage (and money) to give flash photography another go.

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