Review: Nikon D610

Nikon D610 Review by Alan Trammel.


I must preface this review by saying the Nikon D610 was my first FX camera so……… I have LOVE for this camera!  

So where should we start?  This thing is a brick!  Literally, it feels like you are holding the end of a brick when you pick it up.  Is that good or bad?  Very subjective!   Personally, I like it.  Moving up from a DX camera it was a significant difference.  It feels like a big block of technology waiting to be commanded. 

It takes GREAT pictures.   Paired with my Nikon 85 1.8G or Nikon 50 1.8G it has created some fabulous portrait images for me.  Shooting vertical handheld shots it really feels comfortable as there is plenty to grip. 

I have a trivial gripe, the display inside the viewfinder at the bottom that shows shutter speed, aperture, etc. seems really small compared to other Nikon cameras.  Now the really bad news…low light is this camera’s kryptonite.  When light gets low you have to put this camera away.

The autofocus just can’t see in low light.  It hunts so wildly for focus lock it will just about cause an eye seizure.   This camera could be used for outdoor weddings but for lowlight receptions, dinners and outside dances as night starts to fall, this camera will leave you at the altar.

As a huge value shopper myself, this camera was another Craigslist purchase for me.   A great value if you can accept the limitations of low light performance.

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