I Shoot Nikon

by Alan Trammel

“What brand do you shoot with?”  This question seems to come up all the time among photographers.   I am a lifelong Nikon shooter.  After using my dad’s Pentax film camera for a high school photography class I purchased a Nikon 4004s.  I can’t remember why I settled on Nikon, most likely there was a sale at the time. 

I have been happy with Nikon and have no plans to switch or try another brand.  Once you start buying lenses you are not going to switch brands on a whim, especially without a reason.  The ergonomics work well for me and after many years I am familiar and comfortable with the Nikon system.  There are more than enough lenses and camera bodies in Nikon’s offerings to fulfill my needs.

Other than reading online articles and handling cameras in stores I just don’t have any experience with other brands.   There have been times when I flirted with the thought of purchasing another brand to have a source of comparison.  In the end I just spent half the money and purchased another Nikon lens.

Most likely I could switch to another brand and after a transition period be just as happy.  For me the camera is just a tool in the tool box.  


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